Illustration for article titled Lindsay Lohans $80,000 Porsche Hits Person And Drives Away

There was a time on this blog when we frequently wrote about Lindsay Lohan crashing cars. For those of you who missed this 'feature' we've finally got an update! According to TMZ, Lohan's new Porsche Panamera was driven into a person last night. Ah, so many memories.


The report says Lohan was leaving a club in Hollywood in her Porsche four-door when her party was blocked by a group of "bystanders." Lohan then tried to get out of the parking lot, but scrapped her car and hit the manager of a nearby establishment before peeling out.


No one was hurt and the car suffered only minor damage. Lohan wasn't driving (she's learning!) and since no one was injured there were no charges filed.

Photo Credit: Getty/Celebrity Car Blogs

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