Lindsay Lohan's Coke-Sprinkled 2005 Mercedes SL65 On eBay?

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For you auto-lovers of the celeb-obsessed variety — who also happen to have $110,000-plus to play with — we've got an eBay auction just for you. There's a Mercedes SL-Class on eBay which the seller claims to be none other than the SL65 Lindsay Lohan smacked into a tree back in May of this year and in which police supposedly found a cute li'l bag of coke. So is it LiLo's Mercedes-Benz? Well, the license plate in the pictures does seem to be the same as that found on the back end of the tree-bashing German drop-top, but we also did a quick AutoCheck vehicle history report on the VIN and the only reported accident on the report comes from February of 2006. So is it the same Mercedes? We're not sure, but you know what they say — Cokeat Emptor. That's what they say, isn't it? (Hat tip to Travis!)

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Just remember kiddies....the powder you find in the steering wheel cover isn't nose candy, it's for the airbag. Honestly, I wouldn't even touch the gear selector...I've seen what some female crazies do to those online.