The Lincoln MKZ is like the Ford Fusion's strange looking older brother. We thought it'd be a total flop. Apparently it isn't. Lincoln has to double production of the MKZ Hybrid to keep up with demand.

Lincoln priced the standard MKZ and the MKZ Hybrid the same when they went on sale, which seems counterintuitive. Lincoln had predicted 20 percent of sales would be the Hybrid. Apparently that number is closer to 40 percent, so next year they will be bumping up production of the Hybrid to meet demand.

That's a smart decision.

Lincoln has already sold 3,090 of the MKZ Hybrid this year. That makes sense, because I've actually been seeing a lot of them around. Seems like this is another car we'll have to get our hands on in the near future to see if it's better than we originally thought.