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Sometimes you judge something before you've experienced it. You did it with food when you were a kid. You do it with music before you hear it. You also do it with cars. We do that too. What cars do we need to test that we haven't given a fair chance to?

The first one that I thought of was the Mini Paceman John Cooper Works. We've been pretty hard on the Paceman JCW since we first saw it earlier this year. We've called it pointless, asked you why we should care about it, and said that the people who saw the car in Detroit looked like they wanted to kill themselves.


And this was all without driving the car. Or even sitting in it. So I called up Mini a few weeks back and about an hour ago a black Paceman JCW with red stripes showed up outside the office for me to review. It has an automatic transmission and costs a mind-boggling $44,900. I've driven it about six city blocks so far, but I'm reserving judgment until I have some proper time in it later this week/weekend.

What other cars do we need to actually drive to judge instead of just looking at them and making a sweeping judgment? Keep in mind that the cars we test for reviews are typically brand new, so we won't be able to reverse any biases we have against the 1972 Plymouth Duster or something similar.

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