Lincoln In Same Boat As Mercury, Won't Get Ford Flex Either

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Wes and I spent yesterday at a very Flex-ible Ford event in the Big Apple, and before we hit the road, we had a chance to sit down with some other journalists and break bread with our new mishpacha, Ford's chief creative officer J "Boss Of Big Balls" Mays. While other journalists were busy munching on mozzarella and delicious turkey-n-cranberry baguettes, we were asking the hard-hitting questions designed to break through Mays' built Ford tough PR shell and get to the juicy nuggets of upcoming product knowledge he had inside. We used sly questions like "So J, will Mercury and Lincoln get a Flex to call their own?"


Sorry Lincoln, according to J, despite rumors — and concepts to the contrary — you won't be getting a chance to go to the Flextreme. Neither will Mercury.

Also, our previous comments on the future of the Taurus X still appear to remain valid as we're told to expect "X" will stick around for a couple more model years — but beyond that, the future for the Flex's older brother originally named "Taurus Little" was unclear.


Rob Emslie

I think one of the big problems for Lincoln is that they are a "cheap" upscale brand. GM has repositioned Cadillac into a higher price strata where $4/gallon gas is less important to the buyer.

Lincoln continues to make cars that are big and ostentatious but still pretty chintzy, appealing to the white belt and shoes crowd, who would be more affected by higher gas prices.

It's too late for Ford to make the move GM made 10 years ago, so perhaps Lincoln should be badge-engineering more of the smaller ford product - I think a Lincoln version of the Focus would totally rock - and look at more fuel-efficient propriety products.

Mercury is like that brain-damaged woman in Florida a few years back- on life support and people fighting over whether or not to pull the plug. Word to Ford: pull the plug.