All image credits: Ferrari Québec

Ferraris are expensive, in case you weren’t aware. This one here is currently on sale in Québec for $1.6 million. Tabernac de crisse de calisse de ostie!

And it’s not just any Ferrari, it’s the 599 SA Aperta, one of only 80 ever made. And let me tell you something: exclusivity doesn’t always breed beauty, friends.

It only has 1,381 kilometers on the clock, or approximately 860 miles, which I guarantee you were hard, red-light running and aggressively merging Québécois miles. Miles that were used to drive down to Burlington, Vermont, to sample local restaurant cuisine like poutine and then skimping on the tip.


But hey, if you’re in the market for a Ferrari and you don’t want something pedestrian like an 812 Superfast, then maybe grab your passport and head up to Canada.


via Carscoops