Ferrari 599 SA Aperta: The Most Exclusive Ferrari Ever

This is the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, the drop-top roadster version of the 599. Want one? Tough. Even before it makes its public debut next week in Paris, Ferrari's already sold every one of them.

Ferrari's calling this special edition convertible — a 599-based roadster featuring the 6.0-liter V12 from the GTO and a "light soft-top" — the "most exclusive Ferrari ever." That's likely true given just 80 units of the new model, designed as a tribute to styling house Pininfarina, on its 80th anniversary this year, will be built. Sadly, according to Ferrari, all 80 have been sold.


Blame the SA Aperta's appearance at a private viewing at the recent Pebble Beach Concours in California — where Jalopnik readers saw it in person — for the pre-sale of every example of the new prancing stallion.

What's that you say? How can Ferrari call this the most exclusive Ferrari ever? Well, they're talking about production Ferraris designed for sale to the general public.


How they'll call it "for sale to the general public?" Yeah, that's a better question.

Anyway... so what will those 80 owners get that the rest of us will never even get to see after each car is carefully mothballed, packed in bubble tape and gingerly carted up to the attic where it'll never see the light of day again? They'll get a lower-slung windscreen that's been stiffened and shorn of fat to make sure weight difference between this and the hard-top 599 is close to equal.


They'll also get a "quick-remove...light soft-top" designed for little to no use while driving. Under the hood, they'll find that V12 engine beating at a brilliant 661 bhp (don't ask for a conversion, it's early) and 475 lb-ft of torque engine in all its aural glory. Expect performance numbers to be similar to the GTO — a car that, as Ferrari's fastest road car ever, goes from 0 to 62 MPH in a blisteringly speedy 3.35 seconds.

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