With news that Ferrari held a special gathering for extra-special owners at Pebble Beach to show off the Ferrari 599 roadster slowly leaking out, we tapped our top Ferrari source (guess who!) to find out if it's true. It is.

Here's what our anonymous tipster with intimate knowledge of the event told us:

  • The concept was shown over the course of two days.
  • Attendees had to turn their phones off and give them and cameras to security.
  • The plan is to make 100 cars worldwide… maybe 40-50 for the U.S.… possibly less.
  • Expect the car to show up Q2 2011 for the US.
  • Price will be GTO price + premium
  • Under the hood, expect the same engine as the GTO.
  • Snap-on fabric top...but pretty easy to take on and off.

Attendees also received the letter below — this one courtesy of our friends at Luxury4Play — thanking them for their attendance and interest in the next drop-top out of Maranello.