Illustration for article titled Life Imitates Art, or Something: Getcher Driveshaft-Through-Skull Warning Decals!

Remember when we saw Walker Canada's amazing driveshaft-through-the-skull warning image? That got my fellow tech writers all excited, and it also sparked a lot of speculation about maybe using the image on various media. Well, as more proof that our readers don't just talk the talk, SRekaugh has gone and had a bunch of decals made, and he's gonna sell 'em at cost! Want one? Jump like a cranium being punctured by a Jaguar propeller shaft for the details...


The decals are about 5" by 4" and die-cut around the edges, and they've been printed with Mr. Canada's approval- no worries about him coming after you for some South Carolina-style royalty-payment collection! The price is $4 per sticker, including shipping (they're actually being sold at a small loss, but the hope is that the second batch will be cheaper to print). So here's the deal: If you want one of these stickers mailed to you in a nice padded envelope, contact SRekaugh here and work out the details with him.

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