LG Solar Handsfree Speakerphone Is Greener, Safer

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All right, Californians, we know you're saddened by the new mobile phone law that will come into play next month, but there are other options out there to help you comply with the law without looking like a Bluetooth headset-wearing tool. One interesting option is to select one of the increasingly popular Bluetooth speakerphone systems. And one of those in particular seems to cater to popular Californian sentiment: The LG Solar Hands-Free Bluetooth 500. This small and simple Bluetooth speakerphone suction-mounts onto your windshield. But wait Johnny, there's more...


Not only will you and those around you remain safer while driving, but this speakerphone is solar-powered and therefore green. Not to mention the lack of cords cluttering up your immaculate interior. Expect to shell out $110 for the LG Solar, money well spent compared to the cost of moving violations. [Ecofriend]

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My LG phone came with a warning not to leave it in the sunlight as the high temperatures would be bad for it. Aside from the solar panel, what have they changed in this phone? I'm guessing it'll cook in the hot hot sun just like any other.