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Study: California Hands-Free Law Could Save Hundreds Of Lives

Illustration for article titled Study: California Hands-Free Law Could Save Hundreds Of Lives

It's inching closer to July 1, the day that California, one of the highest vehicular-populated states will enact a law requiring the use of a hands-free type of cell phone device while driving and completely banning mobile usage for those under the age of 18. A recent study has shown that this law could prevent upwards of 300 fatalities per year, all in the highly lucrative profession of event planning.


Many other states already have laws on the books regarding the use of mobile phones when driving, but the state-wide California law has to be one of the most significant since the state is known for having an abundance of drivers that can't keep their mouths shut when driving. The study shows that the use of mobile phones during adverse driving conditions is one of the larger causes of accidents and fatalities in California, which reports upwards of 4,000 driving-related fatalities per year. [Press Release via Autopia] (Image via Getty)

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Jeff Glucker

@skyln95: Oh it will be enforced...

I am expecting TONS of people pulled over for this within the first 3 months of the law.

Now I can finally convince the wife that we need to buy a new receiver for the car...

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