Lexus RC-F: This Could Be It

Illustration for article titled Lexus RC-F: This Could Be It

The 2014 Detroit Auto Show might just be the show of the high performance import coupe. We're going to see the BMW M4 for the first time in the flesh, and that will be followed by the Lexus RC-F. And this sure looks like it.


This image, which appears to be a scan from a Japanese magazine, shows a Lexus RC that's been all gussied up to be mean and angry and sporty. Like the teasers, this car has a fender vent that makes Bimmerangs run and hide and a small hood scoop.

Under the hood, the RC-F is expected to run a developed version of the IS-F's 5.0 liter V8, no downsizing or turbocharging here.

We're pretty sure this is the car and not a render, but if you are good at looking at pixels and can prove that this is a 'shop, let us know below.



Not bloated enough yet.