2015 Lexus RC: This Is It

In the same way that the BMW 3-series coupe has become the 4-series, the coupe version of the IS has become the Lexus RC. And here it is in all its spindle-grilled, predator faced glory. In fact, I think it needs MORE grille... Let that engine breathe!

What we have here is basically the IS with less doors and slightly different styling. I haven't been a particular fan of the new Lexus way of doing things, it seems that the cars just have too much styling.


It's like multiple designs were presented, and instead of choosing, one, Lexus designers just decided it was time to use all of them. The RC is the same way, with elements that I love and elements I can't stand. In this case, I don't like the front end of the car, which I think is overwrought and finicky; Those separate indicator lights look tacked on.

But the style is certainly ramped up towards the back. Those large ducts at the bottom of the rear valance and the design of the tail lights are particular high points for me. I imagine in F guise it'll look downright wild.


Lexus interiors have gotten consistently better in the last few years, and the RC continues that trend. A lot of it looks like it could have come from the fantasmagorical LFA.


For now, we'll have to make due with the powertrains that are currently also in the IS, which means the RC350 is the top-o-the-heap special.

The RC will debut for real at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

More info in the press release.

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