Even though we still don’t know when we’ll be seeing a production Lexus LF-A and, rumor has it, the program has been considered for cancellation, Toyota rolled out its race version at the Toyota Motorsports Festival at Fuji Speedway. The LF-A — the same one that raced this summer’s Nurburgring 24 Hours — was piloted by Akio Toyoda, the company’s Executive Vice President and chief proponent of the LF-A program. The appearance comes amid mixed rumors of the LF-A future.


According to Edmunds Inside Line, Toyoda was able to keep the LF-A alive, albeit in an altered form. Instead of being released as an Audi R8 or Nissan GT-R competitor, it’s though that the LF-A production could now be capped at 500 units, each with an asking price of around $300,000. Expect to see that 550 HP, 200 MPH production version some time in 2009. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for mass production and a much lower price tag. [via Edmunds]