Lewis Hamilton May Block Netflix From Including Footage of Him in the German Grand Prix: Report

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The German Grand Prix last Sunday was Mercedes’ worst race in recent memory, and one the team would probably like to forget. While we, the fans, would like to watch the seemingly perfect team implode because of some bad tire choices during the next season of Netflix’s Drive to Survive with a big gulp and a comically large bag of popcorn, it would seem that star driver Lewis Hamilton won’t let that happen.

Netflix was granted access to the Mercedes team for just one race this season, and as luck would have it the producers chose the German Grand Prix as the one. The team was celebrating its 200th Grand Prix with special team kit and a one-off livery, which adds to the pomp and circumstance. The team also ran strong at the front with a 1-2 in dismal wet conditions.


But as the track started to dry out, Mercedes biffed the call to change tires, and both drivers suffered multiple spins on slicks. Valtteri Bottas shoved his Mercedes into the wall, and in spite of two spins, Hamilton managed to finish the race 11th on the track, 9th after penalties were assessed to the Alfa Romeo team.

According to GP Fans, Lewis commented after the race: “I won’t be in the Netflix show much, because I was sick the whole time. I won’t allow them to release that.”

So in a race in which Hamilton had his worst finish of the season, and where Netflix had cameras rolling—we won’t get to see behind the scenes? Hamilton, as usual when things don’t go his way, spent much of the latter half of the race complaining about his tires and blaming the team for his position. After his second spin, he asked for the team to retire his car.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see that episode! God forbid anyone allow the world to see Lewis Hamilton acting human.

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You will never hear me argue about Lewis’s incredible talent, ability, and success as he is truly one of the sports greatest.

But he is also one of Motorsports most insufferable douches.