Netflix Just Filmed Behind the Scenes of Mercedes' Worst Race of the Season

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Mercedes’ dominance in the series. The team’s calm ability to dispatch opponents. A meticulous and well-planned strategy. A nearly unstoppable driver at the top of his game. These are things that Netflix’s documentary crew didn’t capture today, as they followed the Mercedes team during the German Grand Prix.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive is returning for a second season next year and this time the docu-series will feature Ferrari and Mercedes, the two top teams that were conspicuously absent from the first season.


Unfortunately for Mercedes, Fox Sports reported last week that the Netflix crew would be following Lewis Hamilton during today’s GP.

So instead of seeing a 1-2 finish for the German giants of the sport, the crew had cameras rolling as the race kept getting worse for Mercedes. Valtteri Bottas crashed out, while Hamilton suffered a crash, a penalty and ultimately an 11th-place finish.

The Fox Sports story also noted that the teams do not have any power over what makes it into the final cut, so the team’s devastating day at Hockenheim is unlikely to be ignored.


As you probably recall from... a few hours ago, Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen took home the win, with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel climbing back from 20th to finish second. Not on the podium at all: Mercedes. 

The new season should premiere early in 2020, and even though this was a bad weekend for Mercedes, it’ll make for some damn good television. 

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I wonder how many of these will make the cut.