Let's Watch Some Mid-Century Cartoons About Cars

There big file in my brain labelled "Things I Are A Sucker For" is a large, sloppy thing, with photos of weird cars and bits of hot dogs and brochures for old '80s computers falling out all over the place. Also crammed in there, between torn-out photos of girls in long athletic socks with those three stripes and half a tomato sandwich is a bunch of animation from the 50s-60s.

So, you can imagine my delight to find that Cartoon Brew had collected a nice little group of auto-related mid-century animated films. Some of these, like the Tex Avery Car of Tomorrow I remember seeing as a kid, but there's plenty I never heard of.

These are absolutely worth taking some time to watch. This British one, for example, has a pretty comprehensive section on steam-era cars, including a cameo by that legged steam vehicle I posted about a bit ago. And those strange, simple-but-weirdly-charming crude little animated guys you really only ever see in cartoons of this era. Oh, and one of my other favorite conceits of the era, the wild-haired scientist that always has a thick German accent.


Anyway, this is my suggestion on how to waste part of your afternoon. Tell your boss I said you had to do it. They'll understand.

(Thanks, BoingBoing!)

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Supreme Kiwi Zorro

come on, why can't you pick something more entertaining like this disney classic?? it brings back happy childhood memories