Look, it's Friday night. We're all pretty much done with rational thought, right? Yeah, fuck it! So let's do something silly and fun. I've got here a few little pictures of very basic car parts, and I thought it'd be fun to stick them on pictures to make non-car things into cars. What could it hurt?

I've got, in nice, transparent-background PNG format here, a headlight, an indicator, a wheel, a grille, and a few windows. The challenge for you is to find a picture of anything that's not a car — a cake, an elephant's ass, a centrifuge, Tyne Daly, whatever — and using only these few parts, see how much you can make that whatever look like a car.

Here's the parts:

You'll probably need to use Photoshop or Gimp or whatever image editor's distort tools to change the angle and size and so forth of the parts, but that should be relatively easy. Crude is fine. Hell, it's usually funnier, so don't let a perceived lack of skill stop you.


I just did that take recorder example up top in about 3 minutes, but a tape recorder is sort of an easy choice. I'm excited to see what you come up with! Feel free to drink while you do this.

So, make some things into cars and stick them in the comments there. Yeah! THIS is how you spend a Friday night, people!