Let's Help Track Down This Stolen El Camino

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We've just had another great stolen car-recovery success, so while we're riding that high, let's see if we can do it again. This one was stolen very close to where I live in LA, and is a car very close to Jalop hearts: an El Camino.

This particular '87 El Camino is in truly stunning condition, and saturated with memories and emotion. Here's what the owner has to say:

My 1987 El Camino, CA license 2X26277, was stolen from in front of my house in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA. It was my grandfather’s daily driver, and mine for years, he was so very proud of it and kept it spotless as did I.

Here could be inserted tales of the thousands of hours spent cleaning and polishing and waxing it, or all the maintenance and repair work I performed myself that happens when you take a car from 80,000 miles to 230,000 miles and it still drives like new... Been all over the west coast in it, camped with it, slept in it, barreled over open roads for hours at whatever speeds haunt the empty space past 85 mph.

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After my grandfather died, the El Camino just sat there in the garage. No one would touch it, it was his emblem. To this day, when the weather is right it even smells like him; sitting in reverie for how long the immediacy of daily demands drift and I’m going to get lunch with my Nonno so much smaller, so happy. My mother burst into tears when she first saw me driving it. My uncle looked like he was going to cry.

It reminded us all of the man who so many people loved, who would go out of his way to help those down on their luck, who was always willing to lend money and advice to those less fortunate than he was, especially those whom he was once like, recent immigrants who needed just a little break, a hand up, encouragement once in a while.

At family events many ask about the Elky. Just thinking about the looks on their faces when I have to tell them, makes me unbelievably sad and upset.

I don’t know what to say about the thieves who steal these older cars. If they only know the pain they caused, the memories defiled... they would probably not care. I would like to strike, to tie down, cut many hot slits in flesh until blood loss and screams exhaust them, but society at large thinks that’s too high a price to pay for the theft of what appears to anyone else, just a super clean old pickup. And they are probably right: Instead of revenge, I seek only the car.

Pictures of the El Camino are at:


I can't think of a car more deserving to be re-united with its owner: significant sentimental value, a classic, beautiful condition — I really hope we can find this gem.

My eyes will be wide open here. Good hunting.

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