Let's Help This Guy Identify This Antique 1950s Racecar

All image credits: Craigslist

It’s a summer Friday afternoon and I’m the mood to play a game. A poster on Craigslist needs help identifying a car and he’s offering a cash reward to the person who can do it. Money, people! There’s money in this!

A man named Dave took to Craigslist for help with identifying a car. Here’s what he wrote:

I have been trying to identify this car for 25 years. It is not a spint or curtis. It is a quality built aluminum nose and hood. It has a depression for an emblem so it was given a name. It has expert penstripeing by? It has a steel chrome grille from flatstock. It shows signs that it was run hard as the bottom on the nose is scrapped up and the duetz fasteners are stressed. It had to be a homebuilt and must have been shown. Guess, early 50's? Find me pictures of this car $250 reward. Dave Cel


The included pictures show only a grille, a hood and a front end with the number 14 painted on it. What do you think the car could be?

Anyone confident in their answer should reach out to Dave here.

(h/t to Ken!)

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