Let's Help Find This Awful Toddler-Killing Pickup Driver

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In Dekalb County, GA, a driver of a white Toyota pickup popped a curb, hit two toddlers, then stopped to chuck a beer bottle out the window before driving away. It's hard to think of any series of actions more awful. Let's find this bastard.

The truck appears to be a white 1988-1994 era Toyota Pickup, before the switch to the Tacoma name/new body style in 1995 1995-2003 economy-model Tacoma. There's a camper top on the truck as well, though that could be easily shed to avoid identification. The truck also has a step-bumper at the rear, which was an optional item.

The accident happened at about 5 pm on Saturday, when the man pulled up to a stop sign, turned right onto Tucker Norcross Road, where he ran over a 2 year old boy and his 4 year old sister. He only stopped a bit later to throw a beer bottle out the window before driving off.



The two-year old dies, and the four-year old is injured severely, but expected to recover. Let's keep an eye out for this truck in the Atlanta/DeKalb county area and see if we can't get this monster off the road, and into somewhere very unpleasant.


Tips should be sent to the DeKalb County Police or Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-8477.

UPDATE: The commenters are right — it's a '95-'03 Tacoma. My apologies.

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It's a 95-03 year economy edition base model Tacoma: