Igor Vovkovinskiy is, at 7'8", the tallest man in America. He's been doing an AMA on Reddit, and in the process has made it clear that he can't find a car to fit him. I thought if anyone could help him, it'd be the Jalopnik Hive Mind.

He's currently driving a modified full-sized van that's falling apart, and desperately needs to find something new. So far none of the major auto manufacturers have responded to his inquiries about modifying a car, which he suspects is because he's just not wealthy enough.

But I bet we could have some good ideas. Has he tried driving a smaller car, like an early Golf, from the back seat, maybe? Anyone know any customizing shops that would do something for the publicity? There's got to be a solution here.

For the record, I have absolutely no way to understand what this guy may be going through. I'm a pretty little guy, which means I fit in almost any car. Not being able to fit into a car you're interested in must be wildly frustrating. I have a friend who's 6'7", and it looks bad enough for him; I can't imagine what a guy a foot taller than that must go through.

So — who's got a good idea?