Let Everyone Know Your Car Fucks by Displaying Condoms in Your Sale Ad

Everyone is selling their cars on the internet these days. If you want to make your particular vehicle stand out from the crowd, you have to tap into a heretofore untouched font of creativity: show off some condoms as a decorative touch. Y’know, just to let everyone know this car well and truly fucks.

This sprung up on a Facebook Marketplace ad for a 1985 Chevrolet K10 in Littleton, Colorado published yesterday. At first glance, it looks like a pretty standard listing: It shows mileage, price, photos, and a quick description of why the seller is getting rid of the truck.


But then you start scrolling through the photos, and, well...


I can’t quite tell you what there is to gain by sticking a bunch of condoms on the dashboard. Is this some kind of subtle flex? A size comparison? A free gift? An assurance that there will be no unseemly stains in the interior? Or is it just a creative way to let everyone looking at this ad to know that your car, above all cars, fucks?

H/t Patrick!

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