If you intend to turn your kids into Ford fanatics long before they could drive cars, Lego’s latest sets are not bad for birthday present ideas.

Ford and Lego just launched two new sets at the Detroit Auto Show. The F-150 Raptor box contains 664-pieces of Model A hot rod-towing awesomeness, including a trailer, a drag racing Christmas tree and your trusty bearded mechanic. This will retail for $49,99.

Lego also made a much simpler Mustang set which is significantly cheaper at $14,99. It’s a 185-piece kit including a time board and race driver. No word on the powertrain, but I’m guessing it’s a V8.


If all this isn’t good enough for you, as of today, you still have 407 days left to make Lego’s Ford GT set idea turn into a product. I think we should make that happen.

For the kids.


Photo credit: Ford

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