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The International Space Station is the most expensive vehicle in existence, even more expensive than a Ferrari 250 GTO, or a Datsun. At $150 billion dollars, it’s slightly out of my price range, and the fact that it is in space probably means we’re not going to get a Doug Score on it anytime soon.

Thankfully, we have an acceptable substitute coming from Lego, a company which I will now refer to as a Danish vehicle manufacturer. The new ISS Lego set went on sale today for about $70, a significant discount on the real thing. It won’t go to space, but the company did strap one to a balloon and launched it to the stratosphere. Lego announced the set after it won a fan poll on the Lego Ideas website. The design had been submitted twice before and rejected.

Image: Lego

According to Lego, NASA experts were consulted and approved the final design. The set comes with a space shuttle orbiter which of course hasn’t been used since 2011, although the set also includes a cargo vehicle that bears some resemblance to SpaceX’s Dragon.

The ISS is a nice addition to Lego’s pretty sweet space sets, including a Saturn V and an Apollo lunar lander. They’ll go well with your Lego collection of less expensive vehicles.

Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.

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