You Can Now Get A Lego Jaguar I-Pace eTROPHY And Formula E Set

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Fans of all-electric British race cars and Danish injection-molded building bricks rejoice, Lego has announced a new set featuring the I-Pace eTrophy and the I-Type Formula E racecar.


The set looks rad as hell, with the blue-and-black Formula E car translating particularly well to block form. The I-Pace’s curvy body isn’t as conducive to it, but rounded panels on the set help it out.

The set, officially called “Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY” by Lego, is also the widest entry in the company’s Speed Champions line of car sets. With an 8-stud wide design instead of the usual 6-stud design used for previous Speed Champions sets, they were able to add more detail.

As The Brothers Brick pointed out in a detailed post about the set, that was particularly useful for the air gap between the fenders and body of the I-Type. On the I-Pace, it meant room for two seats rather than the typical lone center seat used in the previous Speed Champions sets.

And unlike a lot of the fun automotive Lego sets, the Speed Champions series seems to be reasonably priced. Lego hasn’t priced the two-car Jaguar set, but previous Speed Champions sets are listed between $12-$64. The set goes on sale January 1.

Via Motor1.

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Hunter Berg

Honestly, I like the set, but I hate that it is a 8-stud wide build, as the street baseplates I use in a race track have two 8-stud wide lanes, as the usual Speed Champions models fit well without being too close. And there is a wider vehicle in the speed champions line, the Ferrari Truck being 10-studs wide in the trailer.