Photo: Lego

We’ve known there’s a new Land Rover Defender coming, though so far we’ve only seen heavily camouflaged prototypes running around. But it kind of looks like Lego has leaked it early. Or at least, it did its best.

I first came across the Lego photos from someone I follow on Twitter, Max Finkel, quoting a tweet from Bob’s Vintage Bricks after a friend sent it to me. A quick search later and I found an article detailing the new Defender’s Lego Technic model over at


And here’s a prototype publicity photo of the real deal:

Photo: Land Rover

Note the ridiculously flared fenders above the wheels and the same modern, stacked and square-off nose. The spacing of the lower bumper even lines up fairly accurately.

The Lego set is apparently rumored to go on sale in October, has 2,573 pieces, has a “working steering mechanism,” a “four-speed sequential gearbox,” includes “three differentials and an independent suspension,” and is only described as a “replica of the legendary utility vehicle,” though it looks far more modern than any real Defender that has been built so far.


None of that tells us anything useful about the actual car.

If you look back at video of a four-door Defender prototype testing on the Nürburgring, it sure looks like this LEGO kit is based on the upcoming model, which is meant to be officially revealed later this year.


This kit is also our first clue that Land Rover might be considering a two-door new Defender model, as nothing for the new generation has been confirmed yet, and most of the prototypes we’ve seen have been four-doors. (Update: Defender coupes have indeed been spotted before as well.)


Jalopnik has reached out to Land Rover for confirmation and will update if more information comes through.

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