Leak Shows Chevy Is Bringing Back One Of Its Least-Loved Car Names For China

I think that maybe only after “Citation,” the Chevrolet nameplate most people are least interested in seeing reborn is “Cavalier.” I’m probably wrong, though, because it’s been leaked that the Cavalier is coming back, at least in China. Maybe now my hopes for a new Cadillac Cimarron will come true!


A Chinese Ministry report leaked the existence of the re-birthed Cavalier name, and these images of the new car were leaked from a Chevrolet catalog on a Chinese automotive site, AutoHome.

(You know, in that sentence above, I accidentally typed ‘Chevrolet Catalog’ like that, with a capital ‘C,’ and it almost seemed like a viable car name there. The all-new Chevrolet Catalog.)

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The new Cavalier’s styling clearly fits with the modern Chevrolet design language, looking a lot like the recently-redesigned Cruze, which the somewhat smaller Cavalier will slot just below.

It’ll have a 109 horsepower 1.5-liter four, with a manual transmission, though an automatic is a likely option.

So, if, incredibly, you’re that one person that really, really misses their 1986 Chevy Cavalier and would do anything—I mean anything—to own one again, it looks like a trip to China is in your future.


Good luck, you beautiful, deluded fool!

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For Sweden

Wow. Donald Trump was not kidding about hitting China where it hurts.