The LAPD just added another electric motorcycle to its two-wheeled stable, and it's the same Zero MMX model designed for the U.S. Special Operation Forces. Baddies beware.


Zero modified its standard MX motocross bike for the military, adding keyless ignition, a headlight kill switch, and a specialized dash. The batteries can be swapped in a minute, adding 2.8 to 5.7 kWh of juice to extend the range, and the Z-Force motor packs 27 hp and 68 lb-ft of torque.

For the LAPD, the MMX gets outfitted with emergency lights and sirens, larger storage for gear and first aid kits, and since it's electric, it'll be prowling everything from beaches to trails, and even indoors. All in (relative) silence.

The Dual Sport Zero has already found a home in several police forces, including San Jose and Zero's home town of Scotts Valley, CA. But this is the first deliver of the MMX – or at least the first that Zero is allowed to talk about.

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