For the dozen or so of our readers who looked at the Lamborghini Reventón and said, "Eh, maybe if it were a convertible," today's a good day. The Reventón Roadster's made its pictorial debut ahead of Frankfurt.

Perhaps looks modeled after an F117A stealth fighter, the 650HP, 6.5 liter V12, 211 MPH top speed and strictly limited production of 21 units weren't quite enough to urge you to buy one for the trifling $1.3 million asking price. It just didn't come with an open top, and that was inexcusable. Your prayers have been answered as the Reventón Roadster addresses the issue with a lift-off targa top and even greater exclusivity — only 20 units for this model. We'd consider one ourselves, but you can't get it in chrome. Oh, the price? Still a lark at a mere $1.75 million.


[via World Car Fans]