Lamborghini Preparing Reventon Roadster?

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The Dutch boys at claim Lamborghini's looking to pad its wallet by chopping the top on less than 20 born-from-the-F22-Raptor Reventons. Expect a price boost to boot. [autoweek via 4wheelsnews]

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Can we quit with this whole "born from F-22 Raptor" thing?

Seriously, have designers these days no other creativity or inspiration whatsoever? First comes the C6, which GM said some of the sharper lines were inspired in part by stealth aircraft designs. Then comes everything that Fisker has designed since leaving Aston Martin, which he claims are solely inspired by the F-22 (Tramonto, Latigo, and even the Karma continues the theme), and then Lamborghini joins the fray with the Reventon.

Enough with the F-22-inspired designs already. Besides, I was thinking that this resembles the F-117 and its myriad of complex angles (except without any reason behind it) much more so than the F-22.