Lamborghini Huracán Spyder Catches Fire Near Boston Public Library; Who Knew Lamborghini Owners Read Books?

Screenshot: matty_lappy

A Lamborghini Huracán Spyder went up in flames Friday evening in Boston, not far from the library, a place you may not be expecting a Lambo or its owner to be.

There were no injuries, according to, and the cause of the fire was being investigated, though some speculated that it was due to over-revving (in which case, shhhhh!) A video posted by Facebook user Sean Read shows firefighters ripping the Lamborghini apart in an apparent attempt to snuff out the blaze for good:

Here’s what the car looked like fully engulfed:


We’ve seen Lambos catch fire after revving before (including, memorably, in Dubai), and they’re known for heating everything up too much. Is this because there isn’t airflow to get the hot exhaust away from the car when you’re idling? Perhaps, but that seems like a problem an engineer should’ve solved by now.

Either way, maybe this particular driver took some time to check out the Boston Public Library’s selection of books, to give them a break from reading their foreclosure documents and divorce papers.

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