The $1.2 million Lamborghini Centenario is supposed to be a 100-year birthday present to the company’s founder. I don’t know how happy Ferruccio would be with this one. [Update: it’s just a render.]

It’s basically an Aventador that Lamborghini tuned up and fitted with a very fancy bodykit. turned up this render and believes the V12 will be tweaked to 770 horsepower. Lambo plans to make 20 of these things and all are reportedly sold out.


It might be pitched as a special celebration of the brand, but it looks more to me like Lambo just trying to steal some of Mansory’s aftermarket share.

UPDATE: This is a render from the German magazine AutoBild, done based ont he leaked patent images linked below. Not a huge leap to go from here to the complete car, but there you are.

Photo Credit: Lamborghini via

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