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Lady Madonna's Automotive Cavalcade

Illustration for article titled Lady Madonnas Automotive Cavalcade

It's an SST/Pedro confluence day today. The prettiest girl to walk into the café all day complimented us on our Hüsker Dü t-shirt. There was that clumsy indie-era Soundgarden reference earlier. We walked by an open garage with a poster featuring a nude Madonna. And of course, San Pedro's ambassador to the world, Mike Watt played in Ciccone Youth with Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, and Steve Shelley. And now we've run across this unintentionally hilarious pean to Ms. Ciccone's various automobiles. Go forth and grin, minons. [Car's Power]


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Given her birthplace, do these make her the ultimate Bay City Roller?

BTW: Paean is what our basset hounds used to do to cars, too...except for the Bricklin SV-1 (the only car that's ever caused a scent hound to refuse to lift his leg on it!)