Kyberz Classic Is Sketchier Version of Lumeneo Smera

Illustration for article titled Kyberz Classic Is Sketchier Version of Lumeneo Smera

Okay, so the Lumeneo Smera, unfortunate name and all, seems like it's a fairly well put together and well engineered piece of kit — a little weird, but still okay. The Kyberz Classic on the other hand has us looking askance at its spindly MacPherson struts and thin little wagon wheel tires. If it was merely a conversation piece, we'd take amusement with the massively long windshield wiper arm, the cockpit which vaguely recalls an X-wing, and the rad motorcycle handlebars. Considering this may make it's way onto the occasional roadway makes the joke not so funny.

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Rob Emslie

What exactly makes this a "classic"?

That's a term usually reserved for a product for which the only thing separating it from eventual demise is the cost/benefit ratio of the tooling depreciation.