Kurt Busch's NASCAR Team Has A Back-Up Plan In Case He Can't Race

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As we all know, any judgement against Kurt Busch regarding his domestic assault allegations will invoke the iron-fisted wrath of NASCAR, who certainly doesn't want to appear as if they condone that sort of thing. Luckily for Stewart-Haas Racing fans, they have a plan for if Kurt can't race.

Stewart-Haas team owner Tony Stewart wouldn't elaborate on what exactly the team had in mind, but never you fear, Busch's car won't be left without a driver.


Stewart had this to say on the matter, as quoted in Autoweek:

I'm very hopeful we won't have to worry about it. I feel bad that he's in that situation right now, that they're both in that situation. We have to be smart, and we have to have a plan in place if it doesn't work out for whatever reason.

With several high profile athletes in the news for domestic abuse lately, even a protective order awarded to Driscoll (which is a separate matter entirely from a potential criminal domestic assault charge) could mean time off from racing for Busch.

Busch seems to be going along with the start of the season as usual. He's so confident in his side of the story that he doesn't view Driscoll's allegations as a threat. "It's a matter of just knowing the truth has been told and we'll see how things unfold," explained Busch to Autoweek.


Currently, Busch is preparing for the Sprint Unlimited preseason exhibition race for select Sprint Cup participants. He's not concerned that there hasn't been a ruling yet regarding the protective order. He's even been on pace and running well. Busch was the only driver to break 200 mph in the first round of Sprint Unlimited practice.


"We all have to be patient, we all have to understand there's a process we have to respect," Busch said to Autoweek. "The fact that no announcement has come out, each day that goes by continues to be good news."


Many expect a ruling on Driscoll's request for a protective order to happen any day now.

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Busch and Busch alone has put himself in this situation. People surround themselves (marry, date, befriend) with people on the same physiological level. So, he finds people just as crazy as him to be around. I could care less if he is in a racecar or not. He has treated everyone like shit that has given him an opportunity in this sport.