The Kia K900 has been a free ice cream cone on the coldest day of winter kind of car. What does this expensive robot not-BMW need to fix its lackluster sales? Not rear turbos!

Wait, it got rear turbos anyway.

I love SEMA.


LUX Motorwerks in New Jersey did this build. They wanted more power, but as I understand it there wasn't really room under the hood to stick a pair of Garrett 2871R turbos. There was a 5.0-liter V8 in there already.

Naturally, they stuck the turbos under the trunk. Here they are, seen through an in-trunk cutout.


Kia claims that horsepower went up from 420 to 650 horsepower, though exactly how much lag is involved in that equation I do not know.

This K900 also got 21 inch HRE wheels because potholes do not exist, lowered Eibach suspension because luxury cars should be stiff, and Ksport 8-piston drilled brakes because daaaamn this thing has to be heavy.


There are also iRacing screens built into the back, custom paint, and suede inserts in the interior.

The absurdity of a rear-twin turbo Korean luxury sedan is still what gets me though.


Photo Credits: Kia