You love Rallycross and Gymkhana. You also love Formula One. For years, they were separated, by naught but geography and terrain and also regulations. But now, they have finally been reunited. Here's Gymkhana Genius Ken Block vs. F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. On a racetrack.

Block and Hamilton were both in Barbados for the Top Gear Festival, and when Block wasn't busy rolling his manic mouse of a Ford Fiesta, he put it up against Hamilton's Mercedes F1 W04. Both have similar acceleration to 60 MPH at least (somewhere less than two seconds), but that's about where the similarities stop.


Either way, I don't understand why these sorts of things are kept to mere sideshow exhibitions. There should be real races like this. And Hamilton should still have to stop and do a donut in the middle.

I don't want to drop any spoilers, but I will, since the outcome doesn't really matter to your life. Knowing how fast the Fiesta is, it is nothing short of astonishing the raw speed an F1 racer has. I know I see them race every couple of weeks throughout most of the year, but it's still remarkable.

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