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Here's Ken Block's Crazy Ass Fiery Flip From The Barbados Rallycross

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Global Rallycross raced in the desolate and inhospitable location of "Barbados" this weekend at the Top Gear Festival. And right out of the gate, the racing in the final was close, clean, and competitive HOLY CRAP KEN BLOCK JUST FLIPPED INTO THE WALL.

It was lap one of the race when Ken overcooked it a little into the last set of turns and lost the lead. So he decides to cross back under and try for a pass back on the last turn.


That was a mistake.

Kenny from the Block hits the curbing. That sends the car flying into the car he was trying to pass. That results in a tumble. That tumble hits a wall. That wall smash starts a fire.


Here's an image from Ken's Instagram page along with what he said about the crash:

Here's the unusual and weird crash sequence from today's #GlobalRallycross final here in Barbados. Perfectly fine and fighting for the lead one second, and then I'm airborne/upside-down/flying towards the wall the next. So lame to go out on the first round like this, all because of a kerb cut (which other drivers had done as well). But hey, that's racing. My team and I will be back in full force for the next GRC race.

Glad Ken's ok. But hey, he took some "do a barrel roll" advice from Starfox. Also, don't do that again please. Thanks.