Ken Block’s West Virginian Cousin Does Gymkhana In A Mustang

Much as the Stig's American cousin is fat, Ken Block's West Virginian cousin hoons a Mustang. Are you surprised?

You can trash talk New Edge Mustangs all you want, but they're still one of the best ways to get cheap horsepower to the rear wheels. That makes more amateur gymkhana videos. And the more amateur Gymkhana videos we find, the happier we are about the next generation of very-sideways drivers.


If you're wondering why this German car driving in Germany is titled as "West Virginian," that's how the uploader describes himself in the YouTube title. He's probably a military man given that his other videos are all shot in Southwest Germany, where many Americans are stationed. Even if he's not, ze Germans have a bit of a love affair with rural America, so any joking is good-natured.

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