Keep The Holiday Spirit Going By Watching These Koalas Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

Want a nice metaphor to end out the year? As usual, the mad marsupial mess that is Australian wildlife provides an answer, in the form of a pair of adorable koalas blocking traffic as they desperately try to kill each other.


It’s not exactly a straightforward analogy, but in many ways this was 2017, in a nutshell: adorable things turning on one another and fighting desperately as everyone around them just wants to get to work.

Like all the things you think are wonderful, Koalas are secretly violent assholes with sharp teeth and claws. Luckily, their bodies still look like someone stuck a gnome in fuzzy, footie pajamas, so as far as brutal fights go, this one is still pretty adorable to watch.

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Sid Bridge

It’s about time the WWF actually started having wrestling matches.