Keep Her Away from J.J. and Victor!

Speaking, as we were, of good ol' ThnderBlt, we noticed that one of his classmates from his rather chichi and exclusive high school made the news recently when she got all hepped up on a booze/Aleve cocktail and stole an ambulance on the Stanford campus. Two paramedics had a drunken student on a stretcher when law student (and Yale grad) Julia Powell hopped into their ambulance and drove off, ditching the emergency vehicle 1,000 feet away. How'd they catch her? She left her cell phone in the footwell. Note to aspiring lawyers: if you absolutely have to steal an ambulance, make sure you take your belongings with you when you exit the vehicle. She's just lucky Dr. Nikolas Van Helsing didn't swipe the phone. That guy'd run up a Verizon bill she'd be paying off for years.


[UPDATE: The inimitable ThnderBlt has posted a considerate meditation on Powell here.]

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