Kart Kids Der Film Goes Inside The Ultra-Competitive World Of Youth Kart Racing

Several years ago, Christopher Kippenberger brought us a short glimpse into the world of German pro/am youth karting in a short titled Kart Kids. Now he’s expanded upon that adorable nine-year-old’s explanation of how grip works into a bigger film, Kart Kids Der Film, due to hit in August.


These are the little girls and boys who will be making their name in Formula One someday, or drain their parents’ bank accounts trying. That’s because German youth karting is where the road to the F1 circus often begins. The drivers you’re watching now might just be the drivers you end up watching 20 years from now.

Kippenberger’s previous “Kart Kids” short followed these karting families home for a rare glimpse into their lives outside the track as well. Expect more of the same from this longer-form release.

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Ash78, voting early and often

I'd really love to see the numbers on how many kart kids make it into F3+ racing vs how many Little Leaguers make it into Single-A+ baseball. I have a suspicion the numbers actually favor Karting, but there's probably a heavy bias there toward wealth in that outcome. I don't imagine a bunch of kids in an alley in Santo Domingo or Havana are doing any kart racing using old tires and wooden pallets.