Justin Bieber To Be Fired Into Space Care Of Zany British Billionaire

Great news today on the space exploration front as it was announced that noted Italian supercar/chrome Fisker enthusiast and "musician" Justin Bieber will be getting a ride to the stars thanks to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic commercial spaceflights.


The UK's Guardian has taken a break from their busy schedule of uncovering horrifying spying scandals in our own country to report that Bieber recently paid the $250,000 deposit to take a ride when the spaceflights actually begin. He'll join the ranks of other noted commercial space explorers who have signed up, including Ashton Kutcher and Angelina Jolie.

Branson, last seen on Jalopnik dressed as a beautiful, beautiful lady, apparently tweeted a note of congratulations to Bieber, who responded by saying he wanted to shoot a music video in space.

Anyone else remember when astronauts used to be cool?

Anyway, I've gone ahead and created a mockup of what a possible Bieber Space Module could look like, using our patented Jalopnik mainframe. Gaze in awe at the incredible technology that could carry the pop sensation to infinity and beyond.


I originally wanted to send Bieber to space in one of those Phantom Zone things, but several scientists have repeatedly assured me that they aren't real, much to my own disappointment.


Wish this brave space explorer Godspeed in the comments.

Photos credit AP/NASA

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