Jump Into A McLaren F1 For An Unusual Ride

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Youtube is full of supercar ride videos, and most of them are shaky and rather boring. Let me show you one that actually contains useful information about the McLaren F1.


If somebody, Simon Kidston knows what's it like to take out an F1 for a casual drive, having sold three of them so far. Now, if you're interested in what's it like to floor one on cold tires, or on warmed up ones at full throttle, you're in luck, we got all that too.

Instead of going fast on public roads, Kidston actually talks about the F1, and that's when it gets interesting. We all heard that McLaren designed the world's fastest car to be a great road car as well, but how does it work in reality?

Well, how about a car with good ground clearance as standard, compact dimensions yet enough headroom for the three occupants, a great ride, and a shifter with ratios that allow the glorious BMW M V12 to pull away in 6th gear from as low as 1,000 rpm while doing 30mph?

As it turns out, build quality is also exquisite, the cabin is fairly quiet and the only thing that might bother you is that the brakes tend to squeak a bit if you're not trying to stop from somewhere above 200mph. No reason not to get one then!

You can keep your mansion.


Photo credit: Kidston



Nine years ago, I had a shot at sitting in one. Climbing into the middle seat was not as awkward as I thought it would be, but getting out was a chore, especially when it's not your car. The build quality was first rate. Everything about it was all business. I wish I could have been around to hear it start up.