Journo Posts Video Of Himself Doing 217 MPH In A Ferrari On A Highway

German autojournalist Matthias Malmedia posted the above video yesterday, knocking on the door of 217 miles an hour down a public highway. The whole video is strange.

The first I saw of this video was from a Czech site claiming that Sebastian Vettel was driving. This piqued my interests, so to speak, that the four-time world champion recently signed to Ferrari would somehow nip away from the nearby grand prix course to put his life in danger on a public highway.


This all stemmed from Malmedia's description of this video he posted to Facebook.

Ich liebe #Vettel ! Kaum ist er offiziell bei #Ferrari unter Vertrag, fährt er sich in Abu Dhabi den Frust von der Seele:))) #f12 #schlechtesVorbildimStraßenverkehr

This translates to "I love Vettel! He's almost officially under contract with Ferrari, here he drives out his frustrations from his soul in Abu Dhabi :))) #f12 #badRoleModelinTraffic"

Malmedia, for those of you not aware, is a presenter on the TV show GRIP, which airs across Germany.


Those of you familiar with German humor will see that this is a joke. A bad joke, but hey, it's German.

Why he would be dumb enough to post a video of doing 217 on a public highway weaving between other vehicles (it might look like the Ferrari gives the other cars lots of room, but that's all relative at 300+) remains unknown.

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