Jon Olsson Ski Racing A Lambo Will Make You Wonder Why You Don't Have More Fun

Swedish professional skier Jon Olsson often brings insane cars into his natural environment and, well, does insane stuff with them. He recently tore up a few ski slopes on the way to the top of a glacier in his Lamborghini Murcielago, ski raced down it, and made us all remember just how boring our own lives are.


The footage is from Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway, where Olsson took the 640-horsepower Murcielago—equipped with his ski box and 16-millimeter spikes on his tires—for as many spins as he could on Europe’s third-largest glacier, Folgefonna, before running out of gas. Here’s the video:

The Murcielago is just one of Olsson’s fleet, and photos from this particular shoot are over on his blog. While it’s hard to predict what kind of stunts Olsson will do next, we can almost all be certain that it’s more fun than whatever we’re doing.

Hat tip to Henrik!

Staff writer, Jalopnik


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I don’t have more fun cause I’m fucking poor okay?