John Hennessey Hoons An Audi S4

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Speed:Sport:Life's Zerin Dube brought his new Audi S4 to take pics of the VelociRaptor 600 and, before we knew it, John Hennessey himself was in it drag racing me behind his shop. Then more awesome ensued.


Caveat 1: A new Audi S4 will always beat the heavier 335i hard top convertible, so this isn't a fair fight. Just good fun. BMW fanboys/haters relax.

Caveat 2: Actually, the 335i was relatively quick and hung in there for a bit before the S4 ran away from me. Also, John Hennessey has a fully functioning drag strip in his back yard. His reactions are a touch faster than mine.

Caveat 3: Despite what you might think, Zerin talked John into driving the S4 enthusiastically, not the other way around. Thank God John did because, honestly, Zerin drives his cars like an old woman.

Caveat 4: The bit at the end is John having some fun with the limits of grip on the S4. There's a lot of grip.

Caveat 5: It was hot, thus Zerin's shaky camera. Still, feel free to make fun of him for it.


Caveat 6: Another surprise. John poked around the S4 a bit and commented on how well-balanced it was and they started a discussion about not tuning it... before commenting on the size of the supercharger pulley.

Caveat 7: This was fun.


Did he sell any parts off of your car for another build?