John Cena Will Apparently Join the Fast and Furious 9 Cast

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Screenshot: Vin Diesel (Instagram)

These days, it really seems like if you are a muscly and suave Hollywood Man, then you have a solid shot at getting snapped up for the Fast and Furious franchise. The latest is apparently John Cena, whom Vin Diesel announces in an Instagram post from a few days ago.


“Guys as you know I’m always thinking fast,” Diesel begins. “And thinking about the responsibility. I’m thinking something iconic and deserving of your loyalty. I know this sounds crazy, but every blue moon I feel like Pablo up there sends me someone. Another soldier for the fight for truth. And today, someone came by the Toretto gym that speaks to what Pablo would have brought me. All love, always.”

He angles the camera slightly and Cena steps into frame, smiling and waving. Diesel doesn’t add any more details, so we don’t know if Cena will play a good guy or bad guy. But it does seem like he’ll be joining the cast of the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 film, whatever it will be called.

Perhaps Cena will be Dwayne Johnson’s replacement, as it was recently reported that Johnson won’t be in Fast and Furious 9 because he’ll be busy with his own spinoff alongside Jason Statham, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Perhaps Cena will be tasked with driving a Ford GT, then trying to sell it, and then the rest of the movie is just a dynamite-filled battle with Ford’s legal department. I’d watch that.

Justin Lin, who directed Tokyo Drift, will return to direct and ninth and tenth installments of the movies.


In his caption, Diesel thanks the late Paul Walker. The two were close when Walker was alive and his death was particularly hard on Diesel.

Regardless of which side Cena takes, it’ll be fun to see him drive cars and blow stuff up. Because that’s what these movies have become. Who is excited to see the Fast and the Furious Expendables and a lot of muscular forearms?


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He angles the camera slightly and Cena steps into frame

Where? I don’t see him.