John Cena Still Has The Crappy Jeep He Bought Before He Blew Up

(Image Credit: Bella Twins/YouTube)

I like wrestling superstar/actor/enormous invisible man John Cena a little more every time I hear about him. Today I learned he used his first WWE paycheck on one of the worst Jeep Wranglers ever, and still has it. And loves it!

By “loves” I mean, he appreciates it as much as anyone can enjoy a janky, archaic crapcan of a car. Which, of course, is a whole lot. Who among us hasn’t fallen for a rattly adventuremobile?


Cena’s obviously perfectly aware of his ’89 Wrangler’s shortcomings, from its anemic 2.5-liter engine to the random antenna he stuck to the side. “This antenne does nothing,” Cena explains. “I just bought it because I thought it looked cool. And it just goes to show I have no clue what cool is.”

I have to say, this guy is very down-to-Earth and relatable for someone who’s made a living as an actor in a particularly insane genre of entertainment.

Anyway, it’s pretty awesome that Cena has held on to his hooptie Jeep and shared it with us. Maybe he’ll shake down my Scout some day.

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